Welcome from the Principal

Tena koutou katoa, nga mihi nui kia koutou katoa. 

Welcome to all parents, caregivers and community members. Kawaha Point has a dedicated staff and Board of Trustees that really care about the students that are enrolled at our school. Our teaching staff are a wonderful mix of very experienced teachers and enthusiastic newcomers that combine to offer the very best of learning opportunities.  

We have the equivalent of 3 Bilingual classes and currently have the equivalent of 12 mainstream classes that give us enviable class sizes, particularly in the junior school. We have several shared teaching spaces that allow students to build a quality relationship with more than one teacher. These spaces also allow teachers to use their variety of strengths to support students learning. This approach to education is often referred to as Modern Learning (MLE) or Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) and we believe it is vital that students understand their learning and take ownership of it. We have five Reading Recovery trained teachers on staff and this supports our junior students with a great start to their education. 

Our curriculum is evolving as we ensure that students get a well-rounded education that includes music, art, drama, PE, inquiring into their own interests and reading, writing and numeracy. We believe that knowing things is no longer good enough for our students and that students must now be able to understand enduring concepts. We also believe in teaching students ‘just in time’ when the knowledge or understanding is useful in a real context rather than ‘just in case’ as schools used to do when I went to school!

We not only encourage parents and family members to be involved in the school and their child’s education, but really look forward to opportunities to discuss aspects of your child’s education. You are always welcome at Kawaha PointSchool to chat with teachers or drop in to the staffroom for a coffee. Our ‘Open Door Policy’ encourages parents to be involved at school whenever they like.

 We believe that the word ‘fun’ should be an integral part of every child’s education. In fact, we believe this so strongly, that we have included this as part of our Annual Plan for the last 5 years. Our student achievement results show that, through quality teaching and learning, at the end of 2015 we had 74% of our students achieving at or above the National Standard in maths, 77% of students achieving at or above the National Standard in reading and 63% of students at or above the National Standard in writing. 

We hope you will enjoy your time with Kawaha Point School and we look forward to working with you

Regards, Andrew Sinclair - Principal

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