Team Kauri 2011

Welcome to Team Kauri Team !

Kauri Team is made up of 4 Yr 2, 3 & 4 classes. 

We are a great friendly bunch! 


Space 8    Children are taught by Whaea Liz

Space 11    Children are taught by Mr Goto

Space 12    Children are taught by Mrs McHale

Space 13    Children are taught by Mrs Grant (Team Leader)

Space 14    Children are taught by Mrs Crockett


Pictures below are some of the photos of what we, Kauri Team did in Term 1. 

Pictures above are from the Team Assembly we ran.  The theme of our assembly items was on "Bees".  Our exciting items incorporated singing, dances, play and some explanation about how bees work together as a community.


The pictures below are from the day when we had a Bike Day.  We had a special guest, "Miss Monique Avery" come in and talk to us about her amazing experiences she has had.  Miss Avery who also worked in Space 11 as a student teacher has won the "World Championship" in Xterra twice!  She showed us some interesting pictures and later taught us some bike skills.  We had a fabulous time in the afternoon. 

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