Visit these websites to learn more from home!



This website is great for children to play, learn and practice early reading skills including alphabet, spelling and reading simple online books.

Spelling City

A website designed to help you learn to spell words or learn new vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.  You can even enter your words to practice!


This website is eally great for practicing your maths basic facts or spelling.  It works on speed and accuracy as you compete against other children around the world!

New Zealand Maths

A resource for parents to give you ideas of activities to support your child's learning of mathematics.

Maths Mayhem

Practice your maths basic facts by competing against children around the world!


Awesome for children who would enjoy making their own cartoons.

Build your Wildself

Just for fun! You can create a wild version of yourself by adding animal features. Go Wild!

Learning Planet

A website full of interactive learning games.

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