Parent Information


School Hours

All children need to be in the school grounds by 8.45 and be collected no later than 3.15.  Teachers will be available in their classrooms by 8.30am.  The school will take no responsibility for the safety of students who arrive at school before 8am.

8:45am               School Commences 

11-11.30am         Morning Interval

1.20 - 2pm          Afternoon Interval

3:00pm               School Finishes

Absences / Late Arrivals

Students who arrive after 8.45 am must report to the Office before attending class. If your child is going to be absent from school then please notify the school office by 8.45am. If you do not contact the office, we will endeavour to contact you to ensure your child is safe. If your child is absent for medical reasons (3 days or more) please provide a medical certificate. Please send your child to school each day s/he is well enough to be here. We have a strong focus on attendance as research clearly shows that ATTENDANCE = ACHIEVEMENT.

Permission & Medical Forms

This form gives the teacher important information about your child's medical needs etc.  By handing in one permission slip for the year, we save teacher time so they can focus on the important things (like teaching your child!)  Parents will always be notified of trips etc, as the occasion arises, and have the right to withdraw their child from any event or trip.  This must be done in writing.  This slip also gives permission for your child to use the internet, and for the school to use photos of your child for advertising etc and that you agree to abide by our Relationship Management Policy.


If there is something happening at school that you are unhappy about please do not hesitate to contact us.  The school procedure is as follows:

1. Ring the school teacher and arrange a suitable time to talk to the classroom teacher

2. If you are not satisfied, meet with the Principal

3. If you are still not happy, write a letter to the BOT.  A copy also needs to be given to the Principal.  The matter will be discussed at the next BOT meeting





Whole School Assemblies are held alternate weeks on a Friday from 2:25pm with the whole community welcome to attend. Each team alternates in taking turns to host the assembly, where the children from that particular team provide some type of entertainment, and also MC and direct the goings on for that afternoon.  The assemblies are also a time to acknowledge achievement, performance and good behaviour.

School Donations and Fees

School Donations and Fees are an essential part of our school income.  The compulsory school fee is currently $60 per child and the Donation we request is $15 per student.  Any other amount is greatly appreciated.  The school will issue a receipt for this donation which you can claim back from IRD. 


Our school has a compulsory school uniform which can be purchased from NZ Uniforms in Ranolf street. The uniform consists of a polo shirt, polar fleece sweatshirt and shorts or a skort.  (Girls may wear either the shorts or the skort). In terms 2 and 3 your child may wear plain black trackpants or leggings and a black skivvy underneath their polo shirt.  WINZ quotes can be arranged through NZ Uniforms.  Please also supply a hat for your child in Terms 1 and 4.  Limited second hand uniforms may also be available to purchase from the office.


Start of Year stationery will now be available through Office Max on Fenton Street and the My School Website facility.  Parents are able to pay online and stationery will be delivered directly to your chosen address. Please go to to view the website.  Stationery packs will also be available at the school office at the start of the year if preferred.


The Newsletter is sent home every Thursday by email (or a paper copy if requested). We include details of sporting events and results, and other general events which may involve our children.


Each Friday the school will sell lunches made by different Teams at school.  The selection includes Sushi, Sausage Sizzles, Burgers, American Hotdogs, cookies, frozen moosies and drinks. Pre - ordering is done on a Thursday.

Lost Property

All children are encouraged to have their clothing and shoes clearly named.  Lost Property is kept in the Piazza, so it is suggested that you keep an eye out for missing items as they are all disposed of at the end of the term.



All children are encouraged to borrow books to read at home on a regular basis. Each class visits the library at least once a week and the children are also welcome during the lunch hour for three days during the week. Library books that are lost / damaged do incur a replacement cost.


Decile Rating

The decile rating of a school has nothing to do with how good or bad a school is. It is simply a measure of the socio-economic position of the parents within the community. We are currently a Decile 3 school.


Kawaha Point School
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