Home Learning

Learning from home is not ideal as obviously students miss out on socializing with their peers, collaborating to achieve goals and having the one to one contact with their teacher to support their learning journey. The link (Home learning site) will take you to a site with a wide range of suggested learning activities. Please note that it is expected that your child will likely need to work on things that are slightly easy for them as practice activities rather than new learning.

Unlike when we went into previous lockdowns where everyone was locked down but healthy, now students and teachers will be coming in and out of school as they are either sick or considered household contacts. This means that the previous Home Learning approach will not be possible. The Home learning site link allows students to access learning material without the support of their teachers (who may well be sick and need recovery time). It is NOT expected that children will complete a task from each learning area everyday. Rather it should be like a menu that they can select from. Please be aware that because we are using free sites, ads or ‘pop ups’ may interrupt the activities from time to time.


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