Structured Overview of Learning Outcomes (SOLO) Taxonomy

SOLO is a framework for helping students know themselves better as learners. The focus of SOLO is on sharing the responsibility of learning with the students through making the learning explicit and scaffolded in chunks. Each student should understand what they need to do to achieve at a higher SOLO level. It describes levels of increasing complexity in a student's understanding of a subject, through five stages, and it is applicable to any subject area. Not all students get through all five stages. The levels within SOLO are:



Learning outcomes show unconnected information, no organisation. Task not attacked in appropriate way.



Learning outcomes show connections are made, but significance to overall meaning is missing



Learning outcomes show simple connections but importance not noted.



Learning outcomes show full connections made, and synthesis of parts to the overall meaning.


Extended abstract

Learning outcomes go beyond the subject and makes links to other concepts – generalises


SOLO uses symbols to represent each learning outcome as shown below:
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