Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile of a Kawaha Kid:

By the time a student leaves our school at the end of Year 6, we want them to have the following skills, attributes, dispositions and knowledge. This is the start of our planning process with the end in mind.

1, Kia Kaha (Be Strong)

  1. Is able to read at or above their age level, understand and use a wide range of reading material to meet their needs.

  2. Is able to communicate in writing, expressing their message clearly and concisely, for the intended purpose.

  3. Is able to communicate using Te Reo Maori and has an understanding of relevant Te Arawa tikanga / kawa.

  4. Is able to use numbers and mathematical understanding to solve a wide variety of everyday problems (cooking, budgeting, construction etc).

  5. Has a clear understanding of what’s right and fair and makes informed decisions, even when unsupervised.

  6. Is physically fit and has a positive self-image.

  7. Participates and belongs to club or school groups for singing, dance, drama, music, kapa haka or sports.

2, Kia Maia (Be Brave)

  1. Is able to independently learn through a process of inquiry.

  2. Is well balanced and has developed strengths, skills and abilities in a range of fields.

  3. Is confident and recognizes the value of making mistakes and trying hard.

  4. Able to use appropriately a variety of ICT tools, apps, websites and blogs to meet their own purpose and the needs of others.

  5. Sees learning as fun and enjoys a challenge.

3, Kia Manawanui (Be of Great Heart)

  1. Is able to effectively contribute to a team, lead when required and work collaboratively.

  2. Builds positive relationships with others and knows how to make and keep friends.

  3. Has a deep understanding of who they are and where they come from.

  4. Demonstrates care for themselves and those around them.

  5. Understands the impact they have on an environment and makes informed choices before acting.



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