Gifted and Talented / Students with Additional Needs

Extension / GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

We have a multi faceted approach to identifying students who require a faster pace of learning, to cover a wider range of topics and to be extended.  We cater for these students through running quality extension programmes in each class designed to meet student's needs.  We also run extra extension programmes in Terms 2 & 3



We have trained staff to provide support programmes such as Reading Recovery (we currently have 5 staff who are trained), Phonemic Awareness, Oral Language, Classroom Phonics, Perceptual Motor Programme, Tape Assisted Reading Programme, Multi Lit, Toe by toe and Listening Skills run throughout the year. We have a dedicated ORS Special Education Needs Co-ordinator who teaches these students one on one for part of the day and works alongside families and our DP to ensure their needs are met.


ESOL (English as a second language)

We are very fortunate to have qualified English Second Language tutors.  Non-english speaking children have four days per week of lessons depending on their needs.

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