Bilingual Unit

“The school effectively promotes Māori student success. Analysed achievement information shows significant improvement in the overall achievement of Māori students in both mainstream and bilingual classes since the previous ERO review.” ERO Review 30/03/2012

Whainga ara totika (Enrolment Guidelines):

·        Tamariki attend Te Kohanga Reo OR    Children can transfer from other bilingual units OR    Children whose parents are committed to Kaupapa Maori


·        Admission to the unit will be in consultation with the senior Kaiako and Principal/Deputy Principal

Whanau will:

·        Understand and be committed to Kaupapa Maori

·        Support classroom programmes and activities

·        Be included in decision making processes within the unit.

·        Nominate and elect a whanau representative for the school Board of Trustees.

·        Make recommendations to the BOT through the whanau representative or other BOT members.

Kaiako are:

·        Registered classroom practitioners

·        Experienced at teaching a second language

·        Proficient in Te Reo Maori to be able to deliver the curriculum at their designated level of immersion

·        Passionate about learning

·        Committed to raising the children’s academic levels of achievement

·        Innovative and transformational thinkers and practitioners

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