Team Kahikatea

Welcome to Team Kahikatea!

Kahikatea Team is made up of four Year 5-6 classes. 


Space 9 Whaea Rose

Welcome to Space 9 with Whaea Rose


Space 15 Whaea Jonnina

Welcome to Space 15 with Whaea Jonnina 


Space 16 Liz Meade

Welcome to Space 16 with Mrs Meade (Team Leader)


Space 17 Miss Williams

Welcome to wonderful Space 17 with Miss Williams


What's been happening in our Team this year...

We have had a very busy year so far, with lots of exciting things happening inside and outside of the classroom. 

Check out some of the things we have been doing in our team this year!!


Pauanui Camp 2010

In Term One our whole team went to Pauanui for Senior Camp. We had an amazing time and learnt about gold mining, tidal zones and we all challenged ourselves in some way. We also went fishing on a boat where everyone caught at least one fish. Another exciting thing we did was make a bone carving each. We had to persevere to climb Mt Paku, which was not an easy feat  but we all made it! Another highlight was living with our friends for a week!

This was an exciting camp with lots of new and sometimes challenging experiences.


Kai at Kawaha 2010

Term 2 found us exploring different types of food, different cultures, healthy eating and where our food comes from. 

We immersed ourselves in learning all about food and were able to work on our life skills by cooking a variety of dishes throughout the term. 

Space 17 and Space 15 visited McKnights Farm to find out where some of our food comes from. While they were there they explored farm life did a variety of activities such as seeing some fresh farm eggs, picked and ate fresh fruit from the orchid, tasted some delicious honey straight from the hive and explored a rotary milking shed just to name a few.

A big thank you to the McKnight for letting Spaces 15 and 17 explore their awesome farm. 

To finish off our terms work we had a Kai at Kawaha Day where we dedicated our day to preparing, cooking and eating our beautiful kai and of course cleaning afterwards.

Once again thank you to all our parents who helped out with our cooking and trips throughout the term.   


Arts in Action 2010

In Term 3 our theme was Arts in Action. We looked at different types of performances, art, culture, dance, drama, singing and much more. We had several groups and shows come to our school which were entertaining, inspiring and taught us what makes a good performance. 

Throughout the term each class worked towards a performance goal for a performance to the school and community at the end of the term. We all had to practice and persevere to be ready for our performance.  

 At the end of the Term our school had two performance days where each of our classes performed to our school and community.

Space 9 sang a beautiful song and haka.

Space 15 & 16 re-wrote the legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai and acted it out as a play with some beautiful singing, poi and dancing.

Space 17 created a dance to the high school musical song ' we're all in this together'. They danced and sang the song and some soloists sang the main parts.

This was a very exciting term and all the children did extremely well with their performances.

Well done on an excellent term senior school!!  


Marae Stay 2010

In Term 3 we were looking at Art's in Action. As a part of this topic our team went to Ihenga Marae for a night. While we were there we participated in a variety of Maori Performing Arts activities. We also learnt about the Parts of a Marae and Marae Protocol.We were also able to experience life on a Marae including sleeping in the Wharenui with over 100 people. 

For some children and parents it was their first time on a Marae, while others had been brought up around them.

We all had a lot of fun and immersed ourselves into Marae life, performing haka and poi until the sun set for the day.

This was a fantastic experience and we all walked away with new learning and a variety of different experiences.  


Wearable Arts 2010

This year we were very fortunate to have the very enthusiastic Joe Blaikie give her time, skills, passion and materials to work with some of our students to create wearable arts costumes. These students worked every Friday for several weeks to create their costumes of choice. They worked very hard and created amazing costumes which they are to be proud of. 

The children began thinking of ideas initially then they went and watched the Rotorua Wearable Arts show for more inspiration before working on their designs. 

Once the costumes were completed the children dressed up and walked the catwalk at school showing off their talent and all their hard work.

 Well done to all the children who participated in Wearable Arts and a big thank you to Joe Blaikie, we could not have done it without you! All your hard work is much appreciated!!   


Team Kahikatea In Action

Check out our photos and movies of our team in Action this Year!


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